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To contact Treasurer Alfreida Jamison --

Charles Harper

Charles Harper

  • Alsip D126 Teachers

  • District 126 PSRPs

  • Evergreen Park D124

  • Hazel Crest D152.5

  • Lincoln Teacher  D156

  • Lincoln PSRPs D156

  • Orland Park Teachers D135

  • Orland Park D135 PSRPs

  • Patton D133

  • Posen Robbins Teachers D143.5

  • Thornton Fractional PSRP's D215

Spencer Saal

Spencer Saal

  • Burbank D111

  • Hoover Schrum D157

  • Oak Lawn Community HS D229

  • Oak Lawn-Hometown D123

  • Reavis PSRPs D220

  • Ridgeland D122

  • Sahs Central Stickney D110

  • SWCCCASE (SW Special Education Council

  • Wentworth Wilson PSRPs D155

  • Wentworth Wilson Teachers D155

  • Willow Springs D108

IFT Field Service Representatives and Councils they Serve


If any corrections need to be made to your personal membership information such as name change, home address change, e-mail address change, phone number change, etc. please inform us by sending an e-mail to
Thank you for aiding us in keeping our records up-to-date.

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