Scholarships are available every year for both Local 943 members and/or their dependents.  Listed below are links to pages with more information about these scholarships.



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Local 943 is proud to announce the winners of our 2021 scholarships

We wish both amazing young women the best of luck and continued success in their future endeavors.


Claire O'Connell's teachers describe heras an enthusiastic, accomplished, selfless and considerate student with a great personality and an outward caring for others. She is committed to her learning and did very well navigating through

this year of the Covid pandemic. Her work ethic and dedication for doing well in school are supported by her dad and her mom, Rebecca, who is a staff member in District 135. As a result of all her hard work and determination, Claire plans to pursue her passion for science by majoring in Biology at the University of Iowa. Her long-term goal and aspiration are to use her college education to make a change in our world by hopefully discovering a new advancement in medicine that will help people. She also wants to give back to her community by donating her time at local hospitals and medical facilities while attending school.She, too, has all the qualities necessary to receive the Local 943 scholarship.

Mia Abeja

Mia is a student of Lincoln Way East HS who aspiresto study Psychology with a minor in Spanish. She will be attending Iowa State University in the fall, and we are sure her mom,


Tara, from Burbank 111 and her dad are so excited for her to begin her educational adventure! Mia's passion for helping others is the impetus for her wanting to go into a career as a lawyer hoping to become a public defender for those who cannot afford legal aide. Her minor in Spanish will allow her to pay tribute to her Mexican heritage in the hopes of bringing justice for immigrants and minorities. Mia's teachers say she has a mature approach and great perspective to learning which has allowed her to do so well in many of the rigorous courses she has taken. They wrote that she is a kind, honest and genuine person and not at all pretentious. The perfect candidate forthis scholarship.

  Claire O'Connell